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Vehicle Reman provides an alternative automotive product by manufacturing-again light-duty and medium-duty cars, trucks and vans – basically anything with a logo on it.  We’re as close to a money tree as you can get – we save people up to 50% off their vehicle replacement costs.  Remanufacturing vehicles is about as green as you can get – a reman vehicle is way better for the environment than what comes out the tailpipe (well, for the latest generation of vehicles).  Reconditioning is an intermediate measure to extend the life of the vehicle.

We got started in 2005 working for the US Army at the Red River Army Depot.  Now, we’re focused on the civilian sector, in general, and the commercial space in particular.  We have a great mobile app that allows anyone in the country to send us information on their fleet or vehicle and get a quote.  We arrange all the transportation and every reman vehicle comes with a 3-year, 75,000-mile warranty.

Cheaper Than New.  Better Than Used. We Sell Savings – We Deliver Money Trees!


Two friends joined forces to bring something new to the industry.  Just about every call we make, we hear, “I’ve never heard of that”.  We know.  That’s why there’s a Media Kit page. We need help getting the message out about this great opportunity and service!

Greig S. Latham


Greig S. Latham, P.E., Founder & Managing Director:  A licensed Professional Engineer from Texas A&M, Latham spent a career in and started two firms in industrial automation with significant exposure to the automotive sector.  On founding what is now VR in 2005, the company provided reman services to the US Army’s Red River Army Depot.  Now, focusing on the civilian sector, his goal is to supply an alternative automotive product and reduce operators’ expense and thereby reduce the automotive debt burden in the country.

Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Debt.

Steven W. Belden


Steven W. Belden, Marketing Director: Belden has over 30 years’ experience building and leading professional sales teams in information technology and fleet telematics companies. Among his many awards at IBM, Belden was in the top 5% of managers in his division. That experience led to growing TRCA, a startup telecomm hardware company, from $0 sales to over $5MM in 6 years. His technology/telecomm background was a natural fit for his own company, Zepco Sales and Service Inc. Zepco designed and marketed the first vehicle event data recorder running on Microsoft Windows in 1992. Zepco was an industry leader selling and installing automotive data recorders, mobile video recorders and GPS tracking hardware and software in fleets across the U.S.


We’re fortunate to work from a fine, 60,000 square foot facility in beautiful Tyler, Texas just east of Dallas off Interstate 20.  We have great infrastructure including, but not limited to, high security fencing, vehicular access control, personnel access control, video surveillance, digital video recording, monitored intrusion alarm system and perimeter lighting.

Our address is:

4706 State Highway 31 West
Tyler, TX 75709

From the west:
Dallas, TX via US-80E and I-20E (60mi) to Exit 528 and FM-17, TX-64E to TX-31E (35mi).

From the east:
Shreveport, LA via I-20W (83mi) to US-271S and TX-323 Loop W to TX-31W (16mi)


How many more reasons do we need?



We’re happy to discuss this novel development in the automotive industry.  If you’d like to email (Greig or Steve) or talk with /interview Greig or Steve get in touch any time.



From our home page (as of 05/30/2019):

Vehicle Reman customers have saved or avoided 2,831 tons of Greenhouse Gases, 10,515 Megawatts of Energy, 10.1 million Gross-Ton-Miles of Freight and 37.9 million Gallons of Water Withdrawal.

Source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute. (2015) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA), US 2002 (428 sectors) Producer model [Internet], Available from:<> Accessed 15 January, 2015.


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