Let's Answer Any Questions You May Have

What's the short version of your "about us"?

Vehicle Reman started in 2005 after seeing an opportunity to revolutionize an industry. We have become the pioneers of fleet vehicle remanufacturing. With an operation that can receive and ship nationwide, Vehicle Reman is saving companies big money by helping them achieve the lowest possible cost-per-mile in fleet vehicle operations.

What Services do You Actually Provide?

Vehicle Reman assists in almost every vehicle turnover scenario. Primarily, there are three:

  1. Remanufacturing - Leveraging the under-utilized technique of remanufacturing, Vehicle Reman increases the life of your vehicles.
  2. Disposal - Vehicle Reman buys fleet vehicles from you and makes the process fair, fast, and painless.
  3. Purchasing - Don't go haggle with a used or new car dealer. Instead, you can trust Vehicle Reman's no-overhead, flat pricing on all of our reman'd inventory. Our reman'd vehicles come with a 3yr/75000mi warranty.

How Is Remanufacturing Different Than Refurbishing or Rebuilding?

Remanufacturing is essentially bringing certain vehicle components back up to to the manufacturer's original specs. A remanufactured part will withstand all the same stress and quality tests of a new part. This technique significantly extends the life of a vehicle in a very affordable way, which reduces the need to replace fleet vehicles as often.

Is Remanufacturing Better For The Environment?

Absolutely. Remanufacturing is the path to becoming more environmentally friendly as it substantially prolongs the need to dispose of vehicles.  This technical paper takes a close look at the environmental impacts of remanufacturing.

Why/How are our vehicles better than used? 

We recondition/refurbish/repair each vehicle that comes in before we offer it for sale.  Most competition only details and puts a for sale sign on it.  Those that do recondition, don’t invest as much as we do to bring vehicles up to our high standards.

Is There any accounting benefit to this?

Yes! Instead of depreciating a vehicle once, reman'ing creates multiple depreciation events. We would love to give your accountant a breakdown of how it works (this whitepaper describes the process).

How big can my fleet be to utilize your services?

Whether you own 2 or 200,000 vehicles, we are your one-stop shop for fleet remanufacturing.

Is Remanufacturing Getting Any National Attention?

How does legislation straight from Washington sound? The Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act of 2015 encourages all federal agencies to use reman'd vehicle parts for their fleets to capitalize on the many benefits of remanufacturing.

Is there any documentation I can share and learn even more?

Yes, you can download our comprehensive 18-page service guide right here.