Vehicle Reman operates nationwide to partner with fleets who are tired of paying the high cost of new vehicles.  If your fleet is comprised of vehicles from Ford, GM, Dodge or Toyota, and no older than about 1995, we are your partner to provide the lowest cost per mile possible.  Double the life of your fleet at about half the cost by remanufacturing your vehicles.

To date, Vehicle Reman customers have saved or avoided 251 tons of Greenhouse Gases, 932 Megawatts of Energy, 896,000 Gross-Ton-Miles of Freight and 3.4 million Gallons of Water Withdrawal. †


How It Works


Step 1: Assess

We offer a complimentary assessment of your vehicle(s) to determine if your vehicle should or should not be considered for remanufacturing.

Step 2: Reman

After the assessment, we will give you a low, flat reman quote on one or more of your vehicles. Don't like it? We'll offer to take it off your hands for salvage value.

Step 3: Buy/Sell

As your fleet needs updating, we can grow with you. Whether you need to offload older vehicles or add some newly reman'd vehicles to the fleet, we make it easy.


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† Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute. (2015) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIO-LCA), US 2002 (428 sectors) Producer model [Internet], Available from:<> Accessed 15 January, 2015.