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Vehicle Reman has unique capabilities for complete, body-off remanufacturing.  Flood Damage remans require detailed analysis and assessment.  Please contact us if your fleet might be a candidate for remanufacturing after a flood event.

For flood-related damage that is more superficial, our high-volume capabilities and processes can get your fleet back in service quickly.  Additional services available as required.


  1. Engine: inspect, replace oil & filter
  2. Transmission: inspect
  3. Rear differential: inspect, change gear oil
  4. Axles: remove, inspect, service or replace bearings
  5. Brakes: clean, flush & replace fluid, service caliper slides and contact points
  6. Rotor/drum: inspect, resurface
  7. Electrical: connectors – moisture displacement dielectric spray (removes moisture & protects against corrosion)
  8. In-process photographs for your records
  9. Certificate of Conformance for your records



  1. Seats: remove, separate cover & cushion, press out water, draw in institutional disinfectant/sanitizer solution, press out solution, dry
  2. Carpet: remove, pressure wash, dry
  3. Transmission: flush, replace fluid & filter
  4. Engine area: clean/wash radiator, condenser & engine area
  5. Fuel system: replace charcoal canister, clean evap lines, flush fuel lines, replace fuel filter
  6. Electrical: test/replace seat presence sensors and exposed connectors
  7. Seat belts: inspect/clean/replace as required
  8. Interior: pressure wash interior & door jambs, lubricate hinges, detail
  9. Exterior: wash, wax, detail


You know your fleet and its mission.  We will work with you to define a customized, engineer-to-order solution.


Water depth above the dashboard is a special situation due to the number and type of electronic devices found in the dash.  Contact us for special assessment for these vehicles.

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