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Businesses are always looking to reduce costs. We’ve taken a model used by the US military to refurbish their vehicles and adapted it for business fleets, for light and medium trucks and cars. Our B2B customers typically save 50% of the cost of new vehicles by using our remanufacturing service model.

Remanufacturing is the craft of bringing certain vehicle components back up to the manufacturer’s original specifications. This process significantly extends the life of a vehicle, in a very affordable way, reducing the need to replace your fleet vehicles as often as before.

According to Steve Belden, Vehicle Reman’s Marketing Director, “The fleet owner is going to save half the cost of a new vehicle and run it for twice as long.”

It is not easy to achieve and this is why not everyone is doing it. However we have made the capital investments necessary to make the process work. You can watch a video of the process at the bottom of this page.

Why should Regional Hispanic Contractors Association members use our service?

  • Your remanufactured vehicle comes back to you with a 3yr/75,000 mile warranty
  • You save 50% off buying new
  • It’s environmentally friendly: you can include this in your green marketing
  • You can depreciate the vehicle a second time
  • Vehicle Reman is a one-stop-shop: everything is done under one roof

Whether you own 2 or 2,000 vehicles, we are your one-stop shop for fleet remanufacturing.

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