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Case Study

Vehicle Sector: Police Pursuit

Industry Sector: Government


Vehicle remanufacturing is a useful and valuable part of the overall fleet management strategy.  Remans capture and preserve the value in an end-of-life asset rather than accepting the salvage price at disposal.

Police pursuit applications are among the most demanding vehicle mission profiles. The vehicles are used all day, every day. They typically are pulled from a lot environment where many operators have access to the vehicle. The engines run almost all of the time. On top of all that, there are high speed missions that tax the powertrain beyond most any other use. Even if not returned to patrol duty, the reman vehicle can be reassigned to another department.

The cabins see a lot of ingress and egress – officers, support equipment…and passengers take a toll on the interior.

When one considers the upfit involved – wraps / special paint, light bars, radios, light packages, cages, racks, and more, there is a great incentive to remanufacture the unit and save a lot of money for the department – and for taxpayers.



From the very first offering of law enforcement vehicle offerings in the 1950s, the powertrain has been the focus. Vehicle Reman uses OEM-supplied powertrain engines and transmissions to preserve vehicle value and maintain the vehicle’s position in the nationwide dealer network. The replacement powertrain is matched to the vehicle VIN and all OEM shops have access to the related information. Performance after reman is impressive – just like when the vehicle was new.

Suspension / Brakes:

Law enforcement demands on the suspension, braking, and systems is unmatched. Over time, all three systems degrade with repeated, harsh use in the demanding pursuit role. The reman service replaces the wear components all in the same visit.

New bushings, tie rod ends, links, and shocks restore the new ride feel, response, and performance. VR also assesses the springs and advises replacement when indicated.

Braking performance is especially important in law enforcement applications. Proper maintenance is a key consideration but after a period, part replacement is the right call – one easily made during the reman service.

Interior / Exterior:

Just about every law enforcement vehicle needs a driver’s side seat replacement or reupholstering. The driver inside door panel also takes a lot of abuse.

New door seals and weather stripping quietens the cabin to like-new levels. New steering, braking, and suspension combines with the seat and sound dampening to complete an impressive, improved, multisensory improvement.

The cruiser is a ‘billboard’ to the community.  Reman preserves the value of the vehicle and opens options to keep the wrap / paint scheme, rework the exterior during reman, or schedule the vehicle for a makeover in the future.

Automotive systems and subsystems degrade and are compromised over time and affect the vehicle’s ability to meet the mission.  However, the comprehensive nature of the remanufacturing service addresses all the shortcomings at one time. Experience has demonstrated that post-reman operational expenses are no different than new buys.


Saving more than 50% of the replacement cost significantly reduces departmental expenses and frees money for other uses. Some municipal departments have even deployed those savings to payroll or perks. This win-win solution and the 3-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty is only  available from Vehicle Reman. For police pursuit solutions, Vehicle Reman’s alternative automotive product is:

Cheaper Than New.  Better Than Used.