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Case Study: 2000 Ford F-350 Flatbed

Vehicle Sector: Service, Contractor

Industry Sector: HVAC


This truck rolled over at 216,000 miles. Worn out and run into the ground – inside and out – it was a great candidate for a reman.

The bed and crane both needed rework too!

Power Train:

With a rat nest under the intake manifold and decreased power, the engine was ready for a swap. The transmission overdrive was gone – even more reason to get this one reman’d.


Typical for a work truck this age, the suspension and steering subsystem were shot; another need that makes for a great reman candidate.


The ripped driver seat along with some broken and missing interior trim components created a need for some serious attention to the interior.


The exterior was faded and oxidized with more than one good‐sized dent and plenty of scratches. The panels were strong and in relatively good shape, so again, this was a great reman candidate.


Vehicle Reman’s service is almost always body off for several reasons: (1) to save time, the chassis and body may be reman’d at the same time, (2) to improve quality, the exposed chassis and body are easier to inspect / assess and better access creates a better work environment, and (3) to reduce costs, the exposed components are easier to remove and replace.

The remanufactured engine and transmission were coupled to a driveline with new u‐joints and carrier bearings. The rear differential was reworked.

Meanwhile, the flatbed was blasted, primed and painted. New decking was installed and the crane was repaired and serviced. New LED lights were installed and the trailer wiring was reworked.

With that going on, the body interior upholstery was replaced along with the broken or missing trim items. The radio and speakers were even replaced too.

The body repair created a good surface for a new paint job. And what a paint job!


Overall, the results were stunning.

The like‐new acceleration and cruise, compliment the like‐new ride quality. Steering and suspension combined to create a multi‐sensory result that must be experienced to

appreciate…and believe. The feel of the road through new steering components matches the road feel through the cab. From the cockpit, the ride is like new.

On the outside, the results were equally spectacular. The cab could have just rolled off the production line – wait, it just did! New upholstery and trim items restored comfort and functionality that had been lost or compromised over time.

Likewise, the bed was ready to work. New paint and decking provided a perfect platform for the reworked service crane and hauled loads.

A break‐in oil change is never a bad idea even if the engine remanufacturer does not require one. If nothing else, it serves to remind the operator that this is essentially a whole‐different vehicle and should be treated that way.

After saving over 50% of the replacement cost AND getting a 3‐year, 75,000‐mile warranty, what could be better? Knowing that the owner more than offset the environmental impact (even for a 2000 year‐model that does not have the latest emissions reductions) of a new vehicle.

Ready to work and back on the job after a quick turnaround, this truck proved, again, that VR is:

Cheaper Than New. Better Than Used.