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Case Study: 2007 GMC Sierra 3500HD

Vehicle Type: Dump Truck

Industry Sector: Construction


End-of-life vehicles make great reman candidates when they ‘have good bones.’ Another big factor is the truck upfit. In this project, the reman saved the replacement cost of the dump. At 127,400 miles the truck was in rough shape.

Power Train:

The engine was gone, and the front differential was cracked, but the transmission was serviceable. All mounts were bad. Most lines were in rough shape.


The suspension and brake system were toast.  The main and helper springs were both bad. As expected, bushings, tire rods, pitman, idlers, steering gear and more all needed replacement.


Door springs were broken – the door mounts were cracked in the door frame. The seats were typical of a worn-out truck. The dump bed needed recoating.


To illustrate the comprehensive nature of a reman project, 199 parts were ordered for this truck. The engine and transfer case were the most expensive. The next block of expense was replacing the door, hood, and steering gear. Cooling lines, sensors, radiator hoses – even the oil dipstick was included in the scope of work.

The list of suspension and brake parts reads like a parts manual – everything that could wear out was worn out! Brake master cylinder, booster, lines, calipers, rotors – even dust shields were all replaced.

Both headlights were replaced. Door seals, windshield cowling and even a replacement mirror were addressed on the interior. Cab lights, fog light covers, door panels – even the glove box door needed attention.


A couple of hundred parts go a long way to restore a hard-working asset like a dump truck. Parts wear out over time…bushings get loose…tolerances widen…noises develop…components break…sensors fail.

Maintenance and repair can become tedious when serial failures are addressed. As an alternative, remanufacturing addresses all these concerns at the same time – in one visit.

The result is a truck that works and drives like it did when it rolled off the production line. The steering gear restores the feel of the road and the command inputs. The suspension matches the original specs and the demands of the load – and the road. The new brake system has full authority and the feel of the pedal is revived.

From the engine to the cabin filter to the leaf springs to the vacuum lines – a comprehensive assessment followed by wholesale replacement of parts – some 200 in this case – is needed to overcome years of hard service.

This truck is back at work and serving a second lifetime – saved from the scrap heap, the truck ably carries the capable dump bed that was repaired, serviced, and recoated.

In this project, the savings exceeded 50% of replacement cost due to saving the dump bed.  The 3-year, 100,000-mile nationwide warranty backed by the GM dealer network is a great backstop and feature of the Vehicle Reman solution. We always love hearing from delighted customers – part of what keeps us going is the testimonial below that proves again that VR is:

Cheaper Than New.  Better Than Used.

“Just a note to say how happy we are with this truck. Beautiful job and could not be easier working with you and your company. Thank you and I’ll let you know when the next one is ready!”  -Don M.