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Case Study

Vehicle Sector: Boom

Industry Sector: Service, Sign, & Lighting


A favorite pair of jeans, jacket, or pair of gloves – when broken in and perfect fitting – cannot be beaten. The same is true for this service body and boom combination. Perfectly suited for its role in sign and lighting maintenance, it navigates tight parking lots with ease and without outriggers. Years of use had taken its toll on every system and subsystem. Notice the improved rake angle in the before and after photographs. Hoses and electrical lines were likewise in need of maintenance and replacement. At over 183,000 miles, it was time for more than a refresh – reman was the answer.  The replacement cost on this specialty, upfit vehicle made for an excellent reman candidate.


Power Train:

The genuine Ford 5C3Z-6006-ARM 5.4L V-8 engine (with mounts) was paired with the genuine Ford 5C3Z-7000-BRM 5-speed automatic transmission. Both the engine and transmission are logged by serial number into the nationwide Ford dealer network for any future recall, safety, performance, or repair requirements. A shift lever repair kit complemented the new shift tube.

New oxygen sensors, exhaust Y-pipes, catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe were installed to bring the exhaust system up to snuff.


The number of parts supplied for braking and suspension would not fit in this case study description. A used frame was fitted with upper & lower ball joints, steering drag link, inner & outer tie rod ends, adjustment sleeve, steering gear, steering stabilizer, sway bar bushings, sway bar end links, body mounts, leaf springs, front spring perches, front springs, power steering pump, power steering lines, and much more. A brake booster, new calipers, brake pads, and brake rotors, brake lines, along with parking brake cables and shoes made for an updated braking subsystem. This truck even got a replacement spare tire and jack.

Interior / Exterior:

In addition to the body mounts, door seals and door weather stripping were installed. Door hinges were also replaced. Only one seat needed reupholstery in addition to the replaced center console. A new Bluetooth-enabled radio/ entertainment package was installed. A new radiator and air conditioning compressor and kit were paired with a new evaporator, condenser, and heat exchanger to round out the climate comfort solution.

The truck got an amazing, specialized paint job and paint color specified by the owner. Setting off the custom paint were polished aluminum wheels. The service body needed a replacement door and was sandblasted before getting a high-quality spray-on bedliner.


Saving easily over half of the replacement costs is probably more satisfying than the amazing look, ride, and feel of this remanufactured truck.  Replacing this many parts that wear out prevents the frustrating, serial failures experienced after other half-way repair measures. Satisfaction will come for years as attention to detail results in improved availability, maintainability, and reliability – replacement emblems, new strobe for the lift, the dash was re-lamped, hydraulic hoses were heat-shielded, and electrical lines were protected – the list goes on and on.

The truck runs, drives, rides, sounds, and feels like it did in 2006. It may not be a new truck, but it is not a used truck either. In addition to the capital expense savings, the operation expense savings will show up in reduced maintenance costs. It is also an agreeable reality that the reman process offsets, reduces, and saves environmental impacts that are difficult to appreciate without some detailed consideration.

Saving more than 50% of the replacement cost is huge. Knowing that the powertrain enjoys a better-than-new, 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty provides peace of mind not possible in a used truck purchase. This project is another clear demonstration of the benefits of VR’s alternative automotive product and is:

Cheaper Than New.  Better Than Used.