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Vehicle Reman Celebrates Earth Day 2020

Today marks 50 Years of the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people of all nations and planet Earth. On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans — 10% of the U.S. population at the time — celebrated “Earth Day” for the first time ever. American citizens took

Hanor’s fleet trucks

‘Reman’ breathes new life into Hanor’s fleet trucks The highway-mile trucks from Iowa get sent to other Hanor locations at about 150,000 miles. After a few more years of service, they had typically gone to scrap. But now many of them will go through the remanufacturing process. Hanor operates more than 750

Reman Poised to Accelerate

Light- and Medium-Truck Remanufacturing Poised to Accelerate Sizable market opportunity and the potential to significantly reduce the environmental footprint sets up remanufacturing of light- and medium-duty vehicles for rapid growth. Fleet owners can obtain like-new reman vehicles on a predictable schedule without the often long lag time for delivery of

Like-New Quality at Value Price

Truck Reman Delivers Like-New Quality at Value Price Fleet truck managers turn to remanufacturing as a solution to extend vehicle life and avoid the high retail price of replacement. The City of Diboll, TX, sent a well-worn Ford F-350 for remanufacturing. It got back a like-new vehicle and saved an

Fleet Best-Practice Powers 1,000+ Homes for a Year

To date, Vehicle Reman customers have saved or avoided 10,515 mWh of energy – enough to power over 1,000 homes for a year.  Using data from the Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute (2015) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIOLCA) model (, remanufacturing and reconditioning vehicles has realized this and

Vehicle Reman is #3 in HWT’s Top 10 stories of 2018

 Tom Quimby | December 26, 2018 Despite all the electric truck and van news this year (and it’s still coming), it was diesels that easily dominated the Top 10 list of the most popular articles of 2018 for Hard Working Trucks. Oil burners snagged four of the ten most-viewed stories

Strong Sector in 2019

Vehicle Remanufacturing Will be a Strong Automotive Sector in 2019 TYLER, TEXAS (PRWEB) DECEMBER 19, 2018 Despite mixed previews for the sale of new Class 1-5 trucks, vans and SUVs for 2019, complete vehicle remanufacturing will have a solid year, as buyers discover reman as an attractive alternative to new

Before buying a new vehicle

Before buying a new vehicle, this Tyler company wants to take your call By Evan Hoopfer  – Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal

The Environmental Benefits of Remanufacturing

Sustainability reigns supreme, with more and more consumers demanding that the items they buy have a minimal impact on the environment. This is particularly true of motor vehicles, which have a heavy ecological impact and present great potential for improvement. While most people focus on making vehicles more fuel efficient,

Overview of Options

Vehicle Reman is committed to understanding and addressing the unique needs of your fleet while focusing on quality and value. To that end, we offer four different levels of service. By understanding our service levels and the specific solutions we offer, you can choose any or all that best serve