Last Mile Logistics

It's not hard to miss discussions on last mile delivery or autonomous driving.  Our Class 1 to Class 5 reconditioning and remanufacturing are well suited to both use cases.  Many last mile contractors have not yet realized the significant transfer of maintenance responsibility they've received from their customers.


At present, we serve businesses and fleets.  If you are a last mile operator - of any size - we want to help you.  We can help you reduce expenses and extend the life of your vehicle.  It does not matter whether you run a hybrid sedan, small pickup, or van - let us know how we can help.

Recyclable & Reusable

While traveling to see family over the weekend, we had occasion to stop for a BBQ sandwich.  Three things struck us about the printing on the bottom of the paper sandwich bag:


We're thankful for the reminder to reuse (which we did) and recycle the bag (h/t to  We also imagine that neither enough users will read the notice nor reuse/recycle the bag.  The third thing was to think of you - if you're the kind of Value Champion that would reuse and/or recycle your paper BBQ sandwich bag then we would very much like to visit with you about extending the life of your vehicle and your fleet.  Reconditioning and remanufacturing are cost effective ways to drastically reduce your cost per mile while making a bold statement about and contribution to mobility sustainability.

UPS Lesson: 20 years & millions of miles

UPS can hold school on minimizing fleet vehicle costs per mile - 20 year service life and millions of miles on their package cars.  We couldn't possibly get through the whole book here.  However, there is one clear lesson...


...rebuild your engine, transmission and suspension when they wear out - Keep the vehicle in service.  UPS has a diverse network of mechanical repair solutions.  You have Vehicle Reman.


Come on, if you had our facility out back you'd use it.  Use our mobile app or email to explore rebuilding your trucks like UPS.  Minimize your vehicle cost per mile like Brown does.

Diminishing return: Something to think about


Fuel economy has increased and tailpipe emissions have decreased so much in recent years, we're now squeezing blood out of a turnip - that's Agrarian for Asymptotic. Asymptotic is Math for Declining Marginal Utility - you'll know it when you look back and realize you're past the Point of Diminishing Return.  With the great improvement in fuel economy and reduction in tailpipe emissions, we think policy should focus more on incentivizing the next big thing in engines and emissions - but, policy makers are usually fighting the last war instead of looking ahead; so, we don't hold out much hope.  What to do? Embrace remanufacturing, use an existing engine (parts and even the whole vehicle) that are 'good enough' and use less resources than making a new one.  Make no mistake, we are advocates of research and development; we love technology advancement.  Policy makers, when you realize you're on the flat part of the curve above, take it as an indication for the need to innovate and start over at the bottom-left.

Hello World...

We don't know much about blogging or social media...yet.  Unfamiliarity has never kept us from trying anything though, so here goes!  One thing that has become clear is that we need help getting the word out about remanufacturing and reconditioning vehicles.  Hopefully, you'll find a topic here that interests you; if so, help us to spread the word about alternative vehicle opportunities via reconditioning and remanufacturing.

There are several options to extend the life of vehicles - all of which can save money and the environment.  There are a great many topics involved.  So, in this space, we hope to become part of the community speaking to fleet officers, managers, and operators to explore the riches that await those that would mine them.  Vehicle initial quality is as high as it has ever been; in this context, extending the life of the fleet has never been more valuable - or made more sense.

Some topics of interest are quality, longevity, engineer-to-order reconditioning / remanufacturing, end-of-life management, design for manufacture considerations, cost savings, value engineering, environmental impacts of remanufacturing, financing considerations, insurance considerations, warranty programs, investor opportunities for asset-backed financing, corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility, failure mode tracking, value mining, remarketing, repair and maintenance.  We'll add to the list as we remember them or as they come to us; but, this is a good list from which to start.

Let us know about topics that interest you and any ways that we can add value to your automotive operations.  We eagerly seek Value Champions and continuously align our offerings to maximize value to our clients.