A Few Before & After Photos

More than meets the eye: 20% or less of a reman project can be seen.  Most of the value is in the powertrain - the part that does the work.  We put first things first - but, your vehicle is a billboard for your business, so we optimize cosmetics at every opportunity.

We work hard to maximize the appearance portion of your reman budget.

2008 Ford E-350 Van - Light-duty bus reman, service lift, rework roof

2000 Ford F-350 Flatbed - reman, reworked bed & crane


“When we learned about VehicleReman, we thought it was a natural fit for us.  We remanufacture A/C compressors with the same value propositions as VR:  save money and help the environment.  Our 2000 Ford F350 flatbed looks and drives like new.  We’veselected our next vehicle to have remanufactured!”  - David W, Sales Manager, Compressors Unlimited, Dallas TX

2007 Chev 1500 - reman, interior repairs

2007 GMC 1500 - reman, interior work

2005 Ford F-350 Flatbed - diesel, reman, powdercoat bed & oak decking


2005 Chev 2500 - reman, interior

1996 Ford F-350 - reman, interior

"VehicleReman helped us with a 1999 GMC box truck after it was wrecked.  When we saw the quality of their work, we sent a 1996 Ford F350.  It looks and runs like new.  When the grass stops growing, we have others ready to send through their plant!"  - Jim H, Fleet Maintenance Foreman, Wilhite Landscaping & Lawn Care, Tyler TX