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Remanufacturing your ambulance can save you money more so than a remount. We’ll take care of the powertrain, suspension, cab interior, exterior – and the patient box. We do it all at one time and under one roof. And every ambulance remanufactured with us comes with a nationwide powertrain warranty for 3-years and unlimited mileage. Also, you will not have to crash an ambulance or two into a test fixture if you use our services.

The Fate of Remounting – GVS V2.0 – July 2019

New regulations are coming midway through 2019 with the Ground Vehicle Standard (GVS) going through it’s second revision which will be affecting the ambulance vehicle remounting industry. The once straightforward service of moving patient boxes over to a new chassis, will now be heavily regulated and require crashing testing by remounting companies, the same as any ambulance manufacturer. This can prove to be an expensive process, and those costs eventually fall back on the consumer.

“An ambulance body remounter is a final stage manufacturer. When a new cab is used in assembly of a truck, the truck will be considered newly manufactured for purposes of FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards).”

– Coleman Sachs, chief of the Import and Certification Division of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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