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Businesses waste money replacing worn-out vehicles. Vehicle Reman makes old vehicles new again.

If purchasing and sustaining vehicles are line items on your budget, you know that both expenses are sky-high for a variety of reasons. You need to circumvent the auto industry’s grip on your business so you can save money and reduce waste. We’re fed up too. But Vehicle

Reman believes that we shouldn’t stop innovating.

Good news: There is a new way.

Greig Latham, Founder and CEO | Vehicle Reman, LLC

We are determined to save you money and reduce waste. That’s why we’ve used our experience remanufacturing military vehicles for the U.S. Army to transform 4,000 trucks, SUVs, vans and cars from the inside-out so that they look and perform like new again. But – at half the cost and with a powertrain warranty superior to that of a new buy. Unlike traditional auto-body and repair facilities, our 60,000-

square-foot facility consolidates specialized shops under one roof. It’s an investment in efficiencies that translates into significant cost-savings for our customers. Did you spend extra on a special-purpose body or up-fit last time? Now you get to re-use it.

Make your move:

Assess your vehicle or fleet. Nothing gets past Reman. We’ll analyze the status of your fleet and build a customized, transparent plan that gets the job done and leaves no stone unturned. And if anyone asks, you’ll have an encyclopedia of evidence explaining how and why.

Join the Reman rebellion. Circumvent the auto industry when you implement an Action Plan that will save you money and keep your vehicles looking like new and on the job.

Kick back. Join the league of forward-thinking, maverick decision-makers. Your finances are lean; your vehicles are long-lasting machines. How’s the view from up top?

So, schedule a fleet assessment or call us about a vehicle that needs to be replaced. And in the meantime, here’s “5 Reasons Vehicle Remanufacturing Is the New Business Hack.” You can stop throwing away value and instead step into the future where vehicles are transformed into machines that propel productivity.