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Vehicle Reman remanufactures your worn-out trucks, vans and SUVs at up to HALF the new replacement cost.  Our products can double the life of your fleet at a fraction of the cost, giving you the absolutely lowest operating cost per mile.  We can arrange all the transportation and every reman vehicle comes with a 3-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

We got started in 2005 working for the US Army at the Red River Army Depot.  Now, we’re focused on the civilian sector, in general, and the commercial space in particular.

Cheaper Than New.  Better Than Used. We Sell Savings – We Deliver Money Trees!

Frequently Asked Questions

VR started in 2005 as a subcontractor to the US Army for remanufacturing military vehicles.  That company was sold and we restarted March-2016 to focus on civilian fleets.  Vehicle Reman is the ONLY company remanufacturing class 1 to class 5 trucks, vans, SUVs and sedans from Ford, GM, and Dodge.  We have 60,000 sq ft under 1 roof to handle every possible automotive need in ONE stop.  Our service includes picking up and delivering anywhere in the lower 48!

  • Remanufacturing fleet vehicles that fit our tooling (Ford, GM, and Dodge)
  • Providing 3yr/100,000mi powertrain warranty honored anywhere in the USA.
  • Click here for our SERVCE GUIDE to see all the services we can provide.

Remanufacturing is essentially bringing certain vehicle components back up to to the manufacturer’s original specs. A remanufactured part will withstand all the same stress and quality tests of a new part. This technique significantly extends the life of a vehicle in a very affordable way, which reduces the need to replace fleet vehicles as often.

Absolutely. Remanufacturing is the path to becoming more environmentally friendly as it substantially prolongs the need to dispose of vehicles.  CLICK HERE for a closer look at the environmental impacts of remanufacturing.

Yes! Instead of depreciating a vehicle once, reman’ing creates multiple depreciation events. We would love to give your accountant a breakdown of how it works (this whitepaper describes the process).

Every vehicle is different, but this tool will give you an idea.

Whether you own 1 or 100,000 vehicles, we are your one-stop shop for fleet remanufacturing.

How does legislation straight from Washington sound? The Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act of 2015 encourages all federal agencies to use reman’d vehicle parts for their fleets to capitalize on the many benefits of remanufacturing.

Some articles from ConnExpo (in case you missed the largest equipment trade show in the world):

Yes, you can download our comprehensive 18-page service guide right here.


Two friends joined forces to bring something new to the industry.  Just about every call we make, we hear, “I’ve never heard of that”.  We know.



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