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Save 30-50% with remanufacturing compared to buying a new replacement vehicle


Every reman vehicle comes with a 3 year - 100,000 mile powertrain warranty


Remanufacturing can double the life and mileage of your vehicle

You make high-impact financial decisions for your company.

When you purchase and sustain vehicles, you endure the auto-industry’s sky-high expenses and waste. More and more businesses are fed up. They’re taking control of their business decisions because they don’t want to:

  • Waste time and money replacing vehicles when it costs less to transform their existing ones into like-new condition
  • Be held back by the auto industry
  • Throw away value when instead they can maximize their investment
  • Lose to their competition
Let’s Get Started

Join the movement

We handle the drop-off and delivery – anywhere in the continental U.S.

Be A Leader

Be shrewd in a changing world. Your business will win when you find new ways to decrease CAPEX and OPEX. And so will your street cred.

Be Green

Demonstrate environmental responsibility. When someone asks for proof, point to your fleet of work trucks.

Be the standard

Your workhorses will look new. And smell new. And perform longer, guaranteed with OEM parts and a powertrain warranty:

  • 3-year, 100,000-mile for gas engines
  • 2-year, unlimited mileage for diesels

How it Works

Step 1: Assess your vehicle or fleet

Nothing gets past Reman. We’ll analyze the status of your fleet and build a customized, transparent plan that gets the job done and leaves no stone unturned. And if anyone asks, you’ll have an encyclopedia of evidence explaining how and why.

Step 2: Join the movement

Circumvent the auto industry when you implement an Action Plan that will save you money and keep your vehicles on the job longer.

Step 3: Enjoy the ride

Join the league of shrewd decision-makers. Your finances are lean; your vehicles are long-lasting machines. How’s the view up there?

Saving The Environment One Vehicle At a Time

To date, Vehicle Reman customers have saved or avoided:

Tons of Greenhouse Gases
Gross-Ton-Miles of Freight
Megawatt Hours of Energy
Gallons of Water Withdrawal

Based on the Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute (2015) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIOLCA) model.