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Save 30-50% with remanufacturing compared to buying a new replacement vehicle


Every reman vehicle comes with a 3 year - 100,000 mile powertrain warranty


Remanufacturing can double the life and mileage of your vehicle

How it Works

Using a streamlined, assembly line approach inside a spacious 60,000-square foot facility, we can rebuild vehicles to like-new condition to your exact specifications. Everything including the engine, transmission, suspension/major mechanical, interior and body are remanufactured to double the life of your fleet at about half the replacement cost.

Reman’ing With Us Is Easy!

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Assess

Complimentary assessment to determine if your vehicle should be considered for reconditioning or remanufacturing.

Step 2: Estimate

No-obligation recon/reman quote on one or more of your vehicles.

Step 3: Customize

Together we’ll fine tune the assessment to fit your need and budget.

Saving The Environment One Vehicle At a Time

To date, Vehicle Reman customers have saved or avoided:

Tons of Greenhouse Gases
0 million
Gross-Ton-Miles of Freight
Megawatt Hours of Energy
0 billion
Gallons of Water Withdrawal

Based on the Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute (2015) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment (EIOLCA) model.